Saturday, November 1, 2008

Tricky Treats

On Friday, our kindergarteners dressed up for Halloween. We took two buses to their houses where our students got the chance to practice using their English in front of some of their parents and grandparents.

It was downright precious. I've never been a big fan of Halloween, and my family never celebrated it growing up, however, I do enjoy dressing up. It was a blast to see our kiddos so excited and dressed so cutely. It was probably one of my favorite days thus far with the kids.

Well, Grant and I didn't exactly bring costumes with us to South Korea so we improvised and used what he had. Grant decided to be Indiana Jones with the amazing hat that Autumn got for him in Australia. I didn't bring a cool hat, so I dug through my suitcases and decided I would be a pirate. I used my bathing suit sarong as my hairpiece. Hey, it worked, didn't it?

We are still enjoying Korea but are becoming more accustomed and aware of cultural differences. It has been a learning experience. I went to E-Mart today and finally discovered and accrued all of the food products I need to make some Korean dishes. I'm really excited about making some Jap Chae tomorrow! I hope Grant enjoys it! We haven't been able to really cook since we've been here because we can't read Korean, and it has been hard to distinguish what is what. I'll let you all know how the cooking goes... Sa Rang Hae Yo

Zany 80's Video

I hope some of you can appreciate how ridiculously corny this video is. It's on the edge of being retarded...ok....some might consider it to be so.

I promise it gets better...or cheesier. Make sure you watch after the credits for a surprise ending.
This is what Grant and I practice every morning before we go to school...just in case...