Tuesday, June 16, 2009

My Mad Scientist/Doctor?

Well, for Grant and I, it has been an interesting year in many ways but especially physically.

Grant had back surgery in December. I ran a marathon in March and somehow got a tear in my ACL during the training process and actually ran the marathon with the tear and a pulled groin. Also, ironically I got a large abrasion during the marathon which led to a not-so- exciting: staph infection in my armpit that does not seem to want to go away(good times). I've never had a staph infection or knee problems, and Grant has never had serious back problems.

I'm writing all of this while laughing to and at myself for all of these things happening. It could be soooo much worse and the irony is just too much not to laugh. I mean of course, all of these things would happen while we are away from western medicine, natural remedies, home remedies that you pick up at Wal-Mart, and dear family and friends. However, we have been truly blessed with family and friends who have sent us incredible care packages! Thank you!!!

In so many ways it has taken us out of our comfort zone and made us rely even more on God, which has been truly rewarding.

The above photo was taken last night while my Mad Scientist/Doctor hubby was trying to remove glass from my foot. I know of course with all of the things listed above of course this would happen, right? Grant accidentally broke a glass cup a few months ago, and we thought we had cleaned up all of the glass... apparently not... This picture now represents one of my most favorite memories of my husband. He was so intent, tenacious, and focused on getting the glass out. I think you can see this in the photo.

I was definitely laughing through the pain. (:


Abby said...

This photos is precious! He IS so intent on removing that piece of glass. What a caring husband you have!

Our Green Nest said...

So sweet...love this post.

Alicia said...

I love it. I LOVE IT. I hope y'all recover fully! I'm praying about this! Love, Leesh
PS: I'm a fan of the blog re-design